Abstract submission

The conference aims to provide a forum for presenting exciting and new findings in biocatalysis research. Both oral and poster presentations (which may be selected for a pitch talk) are welcome. The abstracts will be reviewed by the scientific committee.

Decision selection oral presentations: May 15, 2019
Decision selection poster pitch talks: May 31, 2019

Abstract submission

The deadline for abstract submission is May 1, 2019. Please follow the guidelines provided in the form: author names and affiliations are mandatory. The authors have to be given as surname followed by initials and will be printed exactly as given in the form. The name of the presenting author has to be underlined. The main abstract text may not exceed 300 words.

Abstracts will be published exactly as submitted. After submission, abstracts cannot be changed anymore. The presenting author must be registered for final scheduling and publication of the abstract. Accepted abstracts will be published in an Abstract Book. The authors of the submitted abstracts will take responsibility of any intellectual property issues about the abstracts on their own. The organizing committee of BioTrans has the legal right to use the submitted abstracts for conference purposes.

Submit an abstract

Fill out the abstract submission form and send it to biotrans@rug.nl.

Guidelines for oral presentations

Oral presentations will be restricted to 25 minutes in order to stay within schedules. Presentations should be prepared as ppt-files. The electronic files have to be provided to the organizers before the respective session.

Guidelines for posters

Please prepare your poster in Portrait format (A0, height x width: 118,8 x 84 cm). The poster will be on display throughout the whole meeting.